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..may get involved in court battles concerning the validity of your Will (if you have an invalid / out-of-date Will) or what happens to your property and kids when you pass away.

Peace of Mind Starts HERE:

To create your own Last Will and Testament (and don’t forget about creating your Powers of Attorney too!), just click on the image below:

Unlike other Wills kits:

  • The Will-O-Matic is based on provincial Wills laws.  I haven’t seen anyone else go to that length.  They tell you their product is good for “Canada”, but it’s not.  They don’t use the right language.  So why risk using their product?
  • The Will-O-Matic is more comprehensive than anything else out there.
  • I (a Canadian lawyer) created the Will-O-Matic.
  • The Will-O-Matic allows you to edit for free for the first year; other products give you a one-shot type of deal (but you can always pay more to edit).
  • The Will-O-Matic comes with comprehensive signing instructions to help you make sure you don’t enter the Will incorrectly and thereby render it invalid.
  • The Will-O-Matic comes with a comprehensive and regularly updated eBook (for Ontario, it’s over 70 pages long!) about Wills in your Province.  This just goes to show the level we go to when it comes to putting a high quality product on the market.
  • The Will-O-Matic includes a personal information, assets and liabilities checklist to help you get organized.
  • The Will-O-Matic is regularly updated (particularly when laws change).

No / Invalid / Not Updated Will

If you have a Will but did not enter into it properly, it may be challenged.  For example, if you don’t have sufficient mental capacity at the time of making a Will, then it is invalid.  Your Will – or part of it – is also invalid if you included something (e.g. a gift to someone) as a result of fraud or pressure or mistake.  If you write your Will and then get married, your Will is automatically revoked.  That is, unless your Will is made in contemplation of your marriage to that specific person.  If you sign your Will without two (2) witnesses, then your Will is invalid.   And if your witnesses are also beneficiaries (i.e. persons you give gifts to in the Will) or the spouses of beneficiaries, then gifts to them will be void.  Any change made to your Will after it has executed (i.e. signed and witnessed) is invalid unless it is executed in the same manner as the Will. If you lose your Will, then when you die you will be presumed to have revoked it!  Finally, if you give a gift of real or personal property to someone in your Will but don’t own that property at the time of your death, then that person generally won’t receive anything!  Now how many Will Kits are out there that adequately educate you along the way and afterwards to help you ensure that you don’t invalidate your Will?  You guessed it: not many!

written by pmmpa

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