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Last Will and Testament

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The Winnipeg Sun

I found it interesting that the media seems to be focusing on Wills this past month…

Alan Shanoff wrote a great article entitled “You need to make a Will”, The Winnipeg Sun (13 October 2011). In that article, Alan mentions how Canadian intestacy laws (i.e. the laws that regulate your estate if you die without a Will) offer LITTLE protection to common law spouses. He also mentions how most provinces (not British Columbia just yet) allow Holograph Wills (entirely hand-written Wills which are dated and signed by the Testator / Testatrix and which do not require witnesses). Alan also recommends that people regularly update their Will and use a lawyer.

The Globe and Mail

A Globe article entitled “Facebook after death”, The Globe and Mail (14 October 2011) mentioned a recent study conducted in the U.K. dealing with Wills. That study found that 1 in 10 people are now leaving behind their internet passwords in their Wills. People also had lots of digital assets (e.g. music and movie files) to leave behind in their Wills.

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