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Will-O-Matic: Create your Last Will and Testament NOW!

Let’s face it… we’re all going to kick the bucket one day.  And it’s better to do it with a valid and up-to-date Will.  With a Will, you can express your wishes, save taxes, avoid disputes, and name someone to be responsible for your affairs and to take care of your minor children.  Without a Will, you leave it up to government rules to determine who gets your property (which may not be in accordance with your wishes or tax-advantageous); and someone will need to apply to court to administer your estate or take care of your minor children (a possibly contentious, costly and time-consuming process!).  So do yourself favour and get your Will done today!

And here’s the best part… You don’t have to take time off of work or spend $400 in legal fees to get a simple Will.  You can use our advanced Will-O-Matic software to create your Will for as low as $57 + tax.  The Will-O-Matic software is an online questionnaire that creates a custom-tailored and affordable Will that is based on the laws of your province.  Just click the link below to get started:

Our Will-O-Matic System works for the following Provinces: Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Quebec (English), Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

Over 10,000 Canadians have purchased our Will-O-Matic software this year and you can read some of their testimonials here (just scroll down).

Also, our Will-O-Matic software has been prominently featured in international media – including within Canada on CTV News Consumer Reports, the Globe and Mail, National Post, CFRB1010 Radio, Edmonton Journal, CAD800 Radio, and much much more!  You can see all of our media attention here.

So here’s how it works:

  1. Click the link above and then click “get started”.
  2. Register for free by creating an account
  3. Go through the online questionnaire (you don’t have to do it all in one shot; you can save your answers and sign in later to finish it off).  It typically takes about 15-30 minutes to complete if you have all your information.
  4. See a partial preview of your Will
  5. Go through PayPal or enter a coupon code
  6. Download your custom-tailored Will (.pdf format) + Free signing instructions + Free edits for 1 year (unlimited) + Free comprehensive eBook about Wills in your province.

That’s a ton of value (in terms of quality of product, comprehensiveness, education, etc.) if you want a top notch Will in a do-it-yourself product.  You should also read common questions and answers about us and our Will-O-Matic software here before getting started.

Power of Attorney Wizard: Create your Power of Attorney Now!

If you are looking for a Power of Attorney, then look no further:

The Power of Attorney Wizard will allow users to make a custom-tailored .pdf Power of Attorney for property and financial matters. There’s nothing else like it on the Internet. It’s been in the works for many months and will be available for the following provinces:

  • Ontario
  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia

So what makes the Power of Attorney Wizard so great? A lot! It is the most advanced, comprehensive, and flexible software out there for making a Power of Attorney (including Enduring Powers of Attorney). The amount of detail that went into this software is truly amazing. Here are some highlights:

  • Very comprehensive (nothing else comes close)
  • Very flexible in terms of the options (again, nothing else comes close)
  • Based on provincial POA laws (unlike other kits)
  • Created by a Canadian lawyer (i.e. me)
  • Comes with free signing instructions
  • Comes with free edits for 90 days
  • Comes with free eBook about Powers of Attorney for your Province
  • It will be regularly updated (particularly when the laws change)
  • Affordable: only $26 + tax!

I’m very excited about the Power of Attorney Wizard. It will go hand in hand with Canada’s #1 Will-creation software: the Will-O-Matic, which is offered exclusively here on I’m sure the Power of Attorney Wizard will get as much fanfare from the public and the press as the Will-O-Matic has received in the short time that it has been around.

Codicil | Amend an Existing Will

If you have an existing Will and you want to make minor amendments to it without having to redraft and enter into a new Will, you can use a Codicil.

Codicil | Amend an Existing Will (Ontario)

Revocation of Will

If you want to revoke a Will, you can use this form.

Revocation of Will


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