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Online Will Australia

Well, after a few months of research and development, I am pleased to announce that Dynamic Legal Forms Ltd. is now offering its proprietary Will-O-Matic system (online automated questionnaire. And it’s all being done through a new company called “Dynamic Law“.

We are offering the Will-O-Matic in the five (5) largest states in Australia through Dynamic Law:

  • New South Wales (NSW)
  • Victoria (VIC)
  • Queensland (QLD)
  • Western Australia (WA)
  • South Australia

We may decide to expand to other states, but the Will-O-Matic is good to go in those 5 states right now.

If you live in Australia and are looking to create your will online (write a Will or see a sample of a Will), then just go to Dynamic Law, click get started, follow the prompts and create your own Will. It is custom tailored to your answers and based on the laws of the State that you live in. Dynamic Law and the Will-O-Matic for Australia were created in conjunction with Australian lawyers. A Will generally sells for AUD$69. You get a FREE eBook with your Will and the ability to edit for FREE for up to 1 year.

The Will-O-Matic is the most advanced, comprehensive, and flexible Will creation software on the market. It isn’t a diy Will kit or something you’d pick up from the post office. It’s the real deal, the Rolls Royce of Will creation software. Check it out!

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