Why Yellow Pages sucks

Michael CarabashSo I’m not usually a negative person. And my dealings with Yellow Pages haven’t been all that bad. They are very professional and try their best to understand your business and offer solutions that will help. But, plain and simple, the idea that people are turning to the Yellow Pages to find information is a dying phenomenon. When is the last time my generation grabbed that heavy yellow book to find something? It’s big, heavy, takes up space, and is not user friendly. The information contained inside only shows you who had the money to spend on a big ad. Is that how the public is supposed to find out who is the best service provider – or in my case, lawyer – for them? What’s the point of having a small one-liner in the Yellow Pages with my name, address and contact info. Will anyone actually just randomly call up a lawyer and ask what their area of expertise is, how much they charge, etc.? It’s all very impractical. The book is dying and for good reason. Yellow Pages may still work for older generations who are used to it, but that will not be the case very, very soon. What about the lawyers who are thinking about spending thousands of dollars on an ad? My experience, and my conversations with lawyers who have done so, have convinced me that spending money on Yellow Pages doesn’t work. I haven’t gone through with the process myself (in fact, I cancelled our Yellow Pages deal after realizing it wasn’t working and definitely not worth the $13,000 we were going to spend on the entire year-long contract); but, I’d rather spend money upgrading Dynamic Legal Forms, coming out with a new report, and sponsoring a networking event than spending it on one-way communication that won’t produce dividends at the end of the day. So there’s my rant…

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