Why Staples should partner up with Dynamic Legal Forms to offer downloadable legal forms + video tutorials + written guides…

Toronto business lawyerWhy Staples should partner up with Dynamic Legal Forms

Wouldn’t it be cool if Staples (The Business Depot) teamed up with Dynamic Legal Forms to offer our exclusive legal forms + video tutorials + written guides? I think it would be a hoot. Let me explain why:

There are a number of problems with Canadians presently trying to acquire high-quality legal forms. Obviously, the cost of hiring a lawyer to customize a template or draft one from scratch can be prohibitively expensive. Clearly, those who need such customization and can afford a lawyer will likely go that route; but the alternative for those who cannot does not look good. The legal forms which exist online (or which can be purchased at stores) are poorly drafted. They are written in legalese (lawyer speak) and often cannot be customized (they are just fill in the blank). They are often missing pertinent legal provisions, which the typical Canadian would not otherwise know about. They are also likely not regularly updated when laws change. They come with little or no guidance on how to fill them out. Nor do they come with information on the legal issues that the average Canadian should be made aware of with respect to completing them. Finally, the legal form is typically not based on the laws of the jurisdiction where the person resides. This can lead to disastrous results.

To solve this problem, I would like to partner up with Staples to offer Dynamic Legal Forms exclusive lawyer-prepared, customizable, and easy to read legal forms with video tutorials and written guides. They are truly one of a kind. We spend a considerable amount of time making sure they are high-quality. We have already developed over 25 legal packages for small business owners and families. With respect to small business owners, for example, we offer an employment agreement, independent contractor agreement, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement, non-solicitation agreement, non-compete agreement, employee termination agreement, etc. I am also currently working on a partnership agreement, shareholder agreement, and website agreements. Each package typically ranges in price from $27 to $97, depending on the complexity. Adding these and other legal forms to Staples’ online roster would offer significant competitive advantages. To see a full roster of the legal forms we offer on our website – including residential lease agreement, sublet agreements, cohabitation agreements, wills, powers of attorney, auto accident settlement and release agreements, etc. just click here.

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