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Richard Susskind – the man who influenced me to build and develop Dynamic Legal Forms into what it is today – wrote a part in his book (“The End of Lawyers?”) that I want to discuss here for a moment. That book is almost like a blueprint for me. Heck, I even take that book when I go to media interviews.

There’s a part in that book that talks about online legal guidance. He defines this as a disruptive technology that creates a paradigm shift. Now you’re probably thinking: “What’s a disruptive technology and what’s a paradigm shift?” Let me explain… A disruptive technology, as Richard states in his book, is a technology that will disrupt the law firm (not the client). This technology is new, innovative, and periodically emerge and fundamentally transform companies, industries, and markets. A paradigm shift is a fundamental shift, transformation, evolution, etc. in the way something is done. So with those definitions in mind… Let’s get to the paradigm shift…

Before you would have to have face-to-face consultation with a lawyer (typically at their hourly rate). So lawyers would have a monopoly over their knowledge and services. Now, however, online legal guidance can be provided in a way that gives multiple people simultaneous access to a lawyer at a fraction of the cost. Richard mentions a few examples, such as Linklaters, Clifford Chance, and American pioneer of online legal self-help, Rirchard Granat.

So onto my point…Dynamic Legal Forms is offering legal guidance in various ways to compliment traditional legal services for those people who cannot otherwise afford a lawyer. First, there’s the make a post, get free quotes form local lawyers. Lawyers compete so you win. That’s a disruptive technology. It sure beats having to go through the yellow pages or having to explain yourself on the phone to a lot of different lawyers. Next, there’s the free legal info that’s being provided through the DL Blog, the Legal Areas, the Stats and Reports, and through our affiliations with other websites (e.g.,,,, etc.). So prospective and actual users of legal services are becoming better educated. Next, there’s the FREE Legal Health Checkup, an innovative way to check your legal health (and hopefully avoid nasty surprises later on). Finally, our new Legal Forms + Video Guides project offers customizable and lawyer-prepared legal forms with a ton of guidance!

So there you have it! We’ve got lots of more ideas, but we’ll focus for the time being on making the ones above even better!

DynamicLawyers truly is a disruptive technology that’s taking advantage of the paradigm shift we’re currently experiencing in the legal industry.

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