What’s the Point? Thoughts about Lawyer / Law Firm Websites

Michael CarabashWhy have lawyers and law firms been slow to take advantage of the opportunities presented by technology and the Internet to promote themselves to prospective clients? Why do lawyers feel that they just need to put up a website for the sake of saying they have a website? Putting up a website alone doesn’t guarantee anyone will visit it. Take it from a guy who spends night and day, who has a team of people, and who has a budget and resources dedicated to promoting a website (i.e. Dynamic Legal Forms): it’s not easy and it takes time. In fact, if you don’t spend a few hours every day on it (e.g. adding content, making it search engine optimized, etc.), then it will barely be known to the world wide web. Only people who somehow remember the law firm website address will be able to search for it. But in most cases the website itself will likely not be set up in a way to target the key words that users are searching for in Google, Yahoo, Live, etc. For these reasons, I ask: ‘what’s the point’? Without traffic there will be no inquiries or engagements from prospective clients. Without content there will be no reason for prospective clients to visit the website in the first place (except perhaps to get the lawyer’s biography or contact information). Without a strategy about how to use a website as an interactive and meaningful tool to draw prospective clients in, what value does it have? Again, what’s the point?

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