Webinars…Who’s interested?

So it recently dawned on me that I should probably be doing webinars. Picture this: for a nominal fee (e.g. $30-$50), you can watch, learn, discuss, and ask questions on a particular legal area which is being presented by a Lawyer! I could, for example, discuss business law issues (e.g. the different legal vehicles, pros and cons, liability and tax issues, etc.) or wills and estates matters (e.g. powers of attorney, living wills, wills, codicils, etc.). Finally, I could have guest lawyers talk about various legal issues (e.g. family law, employment law, criminal law, etc.) which I don’t practice. You could receive written materials and learn a lot in a very short period time from a real life professional. All of this for but a fraction of the price a lawyer would charge you for a consultation (which can be hundreds of dollars). The best part is that the whole presentation can get recorded and sent to you afterwards (and maybe even posted on the blog after a few weeks). Now, just keep in mind that if you’re looking for legal advice in a webinar, then it’s not going to happen: you’ll receive an education, but lawyers are not prone to dishing out legal advice on the fly without reviewing the facts of your situation and researching the applicable law.

So my question to those DL Blog readers out there is: if I build it, will you come? And if you do come (e.g. 30 people for a 30 minute webinar 2-3 times a week), what kinds of topics would you be interested in hearing about? You can leave a comment in this blog post or you can email me directly with your thoughts. After I do my pitch on Dragon’s Den (May 1st), I’ll consider what everyone’s written and then plan accordingly. If there’s no demand for this sort of thing, then I won’t waste my time doing it. And please don’t ask me to do free webinars: these things cost me money and time and I need an incentive to keep doing ’em. So lets hear what you’ve got to say… 🙂

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