Update on Simon Shields (Ontario’s first exclusively online lawyer)

Michael CarabashSo Ontario’s first exclusive online lawyer – Simon Shields of IsThatLegal – is on a roll. He was recently featured as the “Lawyer of the Week” in the Lawyers Weekly.

He wrote me the following yesterday:

One month in the Cook Islands should be on anyone’s life agenda. Life and the people here are quite unpretentiously civilized about themselves and towards each other.

Near perfect weather, good company at the hostel I’m staying at – lots of fellow travellers. Am here for another month then off to NZ.

Almost forgot, had a tsunami warning yesterday, but what little there was hit the other side of the island so most of us just went to high ground for a couple of hours. Am just completing a Human Rights Law Legal Guide, which I expect to start posting this week chapter by chapter.

Kia Orana,


Be sure to read our profile report on Simon Shields (if you haven’t done so already).

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