Tracy Tyler was the legal affairs reporter for the Toronto Star for over 25 years. She passed away a few days ago of breast cancer at the age of 50. She will be sorely missed. She worked tirelessly to expose flaws in the justice system.

On a more personal note, Tracey was the first reporter to put me and this website in the media – way back in December 2008. It was her article about our attempt to improve access to justice for everyday Canadians that helped snowball the rest of the media attention we’ve received. She was the one who gave us our first break. And I will always remember her for that. Since her article, I kept her updated on what I’ve been up to and she was always interested.

Here’s what the Toronto Star wrote about her:–tracey-tyler-star-legal-affairs-reporter-exposed-flaws-in-the-justice-system

You will be greatly missed, Tracey. Rest in peace.

written by pmmpa

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