The Ontario Reports go DIGITAL! WOW!

I was just thinking about doing another Ontario Reports parody video (here’s my first one and here’s my second one) when I got an e-mail from none other than “Ontario Reports” (as all lawyers across Ontario similarly received) saying that they were going digital! I was shocked!

There’s no real way of knowing whether my parody videos ultimately led LexisNexis to change the O.R.s from print to digital. But if I can take credit for saving countless trees, I’ll humbly accept my limited role.

By means of background, the O.R.s are little white booklets that are sent out to every lawyer in Ontario each and every week. They contain ads, classifieds, recent cases, etc. As a new lawyer, I’ve been keeping them with the belief that they may have something useful one day. Older and wiser lawyers have even told me that I should read up on the cases in my practice area as they will sharpen my skills and I may have to refer to them in the future. Unfortunately, you can’t cancel your subscription (unless you’re no longer a lawyer). Some have tried, but failed. Truth be told, I felt that LexisNexis should stop killing so many trees by making the O.R.s digitally accessible. That’s why I made the parody videos.

Incidentally, I was even at Toronto personal injury lawyer Howard Blitstein’s office the other day and he pointed out how the O.R.s were consuming his office. I told him I was thinking of doing another video and wouldn’t mind taking a few (perhaps 50-100 or so) out of his office and lugging him home.

Well, it seems like I won’t get that chance: starting April 2010, the O.R.s are going digital…

Ah well…it was good while it lasted…looks like I’ll have to think of something new…

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