Will-O-Matic Testimonial #1:

“I had a relatively easy situation (wife + 1 child) and I did not want to pay big legal fees to do something I could have done mostly myself. I used your Will-O-Matic system, read the helpful information at the top of each page, and was finished in about 30 minutes. I found the questionnaire easy enough to follow. It ended up creating a Will that had all my inputs and was not written in difficult lawyer-speak. I also found the comprehensive eBook about Wills very helpful. I ended up getting a commissioner to commission the affidavits that come with the Will. At the end of the day, I saved big bucks by doing it myself. Thanks so much.”

J.N.S. from Toronto, Ontario

Will-O-Matic Testimonial #2:

“Thank you so much for your speedy help. Not all of us senior citizens are totally computer literate so sometimes we have a tendency to miss a basic step – that’s when panic sets in. Your directions were very simple and explicit and I am printing out my will forms right now. Again thanks for you expediency and help.”

G. from Guelph, Ontario

Will-O-Matic Testimonial #3:

“Dear Dynamic Legal Forms,

I’ve just completed my online will using your service, and I am really pleased with the result. Your products are perfect for someone like me. I’m in my mid 50’s, have no children, and I’ve never had a will. But my common law partner has been concerned about what would happen to my assets and our comfortable home if something should happen to me suddenly. This ‘do it yourself’ template for a simple will is just the right first step for me because it gave me a format for thinking through my wishes and getting them on paper.

I am very supportive of your efforts to offer people like me the opportunity to document our wishes in a legally recognized framework at a very reasonable price. You have made the process less intimidating while also keeping it thoughtful and thorough. I will be back to use other products as my life circumstances change.

T. from Toronto

Will-O-Matic Testimonial #4:

“Hi there,

The questionnaire and the legal form were both easy to understand. Dynamic Legal Forms website is a great source for Canadian legal forms. It is easy to navigate, includes almost any form you may need, and forms use clear language and come with written guides. Why pay legal fees when Dynamic Legal Forms lets you do the legal work yourself for way less money?”

R. from Milton

Will-O-Matic Testimonial #5:

“Good day Michael,

Here is my feedback about your Last Will and Testament package:

The online questionnaire was easy to complete and understand. We added some of our clauses as well. The written guide that we receive after completing our Will was also very useful, especially for someone with no knowledge of the law concerning Wills, i.e. majority of your customers.  Last note, you may be able to demand a higher price for this product/service. I’m not sure how your demand/volume looks but looking at the competition, you offer more value for lesser price. Thanks for the follow up.”

M. from Calgary

Will-O-Matic Testimonial #6:

“Dear Michael,

I just wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to call me back such in prompt manner.

I can tell you that I honestly was not expecting such a quick call back especially on a Saturday afternoon as is the case with most sites, but yours is obviously different. I appreciate your professionalism in answering my questions and moreover your kindness and patience in assisting me.  Your software allowed me to quickly and conveniently create a will on my computer in the comfort of my home. Also, financially speaking you provide an affordable service for the average Canadian who would otherwise pay a lawyer few hundreds of dollars to create a testament. Again, your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot for all your help, you are performing an amazing service.

Best regards,

A. from British Columbia

Will-O-Matic Testimonial #7:

“Hi Michael,

Great talking to you the other day. Absolutely and completely satisfied with my Will Kit Purchase with Dynamic Legal Forms. As my husband and I are going out of town Friday, this was an excellent, easy and economical way to revise our current wills. From first time will writers to updating a will as personal circumstances change, this should be on everyone’s Must Do List.  We are very pleased and happy to refer to friends and family.  Thanks again.”

M. from Ajax, Ontario

Will-O-Matic Testimonial #8:

“Thank you….a very easy to follow proccess.”

Dale from Ontario

Will-O-Matic Testimonial #9:

“I bought a license for my husband to use to create his will, and he asked me to get it started for him so I did. Turns out I not only got it started, but was able to finish the basic document in only a few minutes – the Wizard is really easy to use! I created my own will through another service and it took much longer, and sometimes I  didn’t know what answers to put. But the Dynamic Legal Forms system is a lot easier because the questions are yes/no and those that require longer answers, give you several suggestions to pick from in plain English. Depending on the answers, more questions come up, which really makes you consider your answers carefully.

It was all very clear and very easy to build on for the future. Plus they allow one year for edits – so my husband can go in and get more specific with things without being under the gun for time. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have a will; I’ve seen firsthand what can happen when a death occurs in a common-law couple and there is no will – it can be devastating for the surviving partner to deal with not only grief but having to sort out financial affairs, defend against other claims on the estate etc. If you don’t have a will, protect yourself by going to Dynamic Legal Forms!”

Nicole from Toronto

Will-O-Matic Testimonial #10:

“I was impressed how easy it was to do a moderately complex will on this site. There was a bit of an issue initially with password, but it was resolved and the will printed out professionally on my desktop. It’s worth the $100 to get it done in a way that covers most of the bases and guides you through step by step.”

Mark from Alberta

Will-O-Matic Testimonial #11:

“Historically I have dragged my feet when it came to creating a Will mainly because of the cost and complexity. I thought I would try Dynamic Legal Forms and was very happy with how quickly and easily I was able to create a will. In a matter of 15 minutes I had my will printed and ready to be signed!  Cheers!”

Garry from Toronto

Will-O-Matic Testimonial #12:

“Thank you for the quick response to a call and help. This was a very easy process..”

Linda from Ontario

Will-O-Matic Testimonial #13:

“Once I got the hang of the process. producing my will was relatively easy very cost efficient….Will recommend this to my daughter in Australia….a very useful tool!!”

Ed from Toronto, Ontario

Will-O-Matic Testimonial #14:

“As a new customer on Dynamic Legal Forms, I ordered 2 wills from them, one for me and the other for my wife. I was wondering if i could use these wills for my wife and myself. Since i suffered a stroke 8 years ago, I hoped I could use these wills, as I never had a will before… I am 69 years old, and found that even with the stroke, I could easily fill out the info that was required for both wills, printed them out today. Thank you so much Dynamic Legal Forms…”

J & D from Ontario

Will-O-Matic Testimonial #15:

“Just purchased my Online Will from Dynamic Legal Forms, and i can not believe how easy, simple and affordable the process was, AMAZING !! It took me a little over half an hour to complete and print my will, and all from the comfort of my own desk at home! A Star is Born with the online Will-O-Matic by Dynamic Legal Forms. Kudos !”

Keith from Alberta

Will-O-Matic Testimonial #16:


Your website is a refreshing approach to preparing legal documents for Canadians. You make the complex process of preparing these important documents simple, quick and yet affordable. I recently purchased and prepared my Last Will and Testament and was surprised to find how comprehensive and well laid out the whole process was. Plus, you personally backed it up with great service by answering my questions in a timely manner.

Thank you for offering such a great service!”

Robert from Victoria

Will-O-Matic Testimonial #17:

“I was initially concerned about taking on the task of writing a will. I had no idea where to start. I am so thrilled that I came across, as the process turned out to be easy and stress-free. There were also information buttons to help me along the way when I wasn’t sure how to answer a particular question. Also, I was very pleased with the response time from the website when I contacted them about a question I had. Very fast return on my email. I am very impressed and would highly recommend this company if you want an easy online solution to writing your will.”

S. S. from Ontario

Will-O-Matic Testimonial #18:

“I just purchased a will for myself and my wife through It was very reasonably priced and took me less than 30 minutes to fill out the form which was very clear and easy to understand.This process was way easier than I thought it was going to be. And I received very quick responses to a couple of questions that I had. Overall it was a great experience.”

Mike from Ontario

Will-O-Matic Testimonial #19:


Thank you so much for your patience and assistance in helping me complete my wife’s Last Will and Testament. I realize it was necessary for me to call you several times during the process , and you were always available and helpful to a computer illiterate senior citizen. I cannot praise you enough and certainly recommend you to all and sundry. Please feel free to use my name for any advertising or promotion. Again I thank you.”

David from Ontario

Will-O-Matic Testimonial #20:

“Great Product! Really loved the Will-O-Matic. Simple, comprehensive, educational. Well Done!”

Victor from Toronto

Will-O-Matic Testimonial #21:

“I had an existing will prepared by a lawyer. However, as my circumstances changed, I wanted to update my will. I baulked at the idea of paying a lawyer $500 (if not more) to draw up a new will with only one change so I kept putting it off. Then I found Will-o-matic. I was able to prepare my will on-line AND have 12 months free access to edit and make changes! The Will-o-matic was to use and I received great support. I checked the finished document against my previous will and found that the Will-o-matic document was actually more comprehensive which gives me great peace of mind.”


Will-O-Matic Testimonial #22:

“The Will-O-Matic program was simple to purchase and use. Instead of having to book an appointment with a lawyer, I was able to complete my will by myself. I was able to tailor it to my needs then print it out for signing very easily. Not only was this convenient, it also saved me a lot of money. I would recommend this program to everyone.”


Will-O-Matic Testimonial #23:


Thanks again for the assistance. I found the overall process extremely easy and intuitive and the end result very professional. Today I recommended your site to two fellow employees who are looking to draft their wills.”


Will-O-Matic Testimonial #24:

“I ordered the Will-O-Matic and had a question. I sent an email to and to my surprise I got an email back within 5 minutes from the president himself, Michael Carabash. This was on January 1st, so a regular day off! He resolved the issue for me, and within 5 minutes I had my will ready to print! Great service, easy to use, and without the usual high legal costs. Thank you!”


Will-O-Matic Testimonial #25:

“I used Will-O-Matic to make my will and found it very quick and easy to use. I had a few technical questions and received quick responses via e-mail. To have a legal will completed and printed with in a half an hour was amazing. I would recommend the Will-O-Matic to anyone.

Ron from Winnipeg

Will-O-Matic Testimonial #26:

“Thank you very much Michael for your quick response to my question. Will-o-Matic has over the course of the last 11 months has helped me getting better understanding of what it takes to make a will. I never would have been able to make the many informed changes and personalized inserts going to a lawyers office. I did all of this in the privacy of my own home. Thank You”


Will-O-Matic Testimonial #27:

“I just finished doing my last will and testament on line with Dynamic Legal Forms and it went quite well. It was more involved than I anticipated but that’s a good thing indicating they covered all the bases. Thanks again!”


Will-O-Matic Testimonial #28:

“Michael – There are two things a consumer enjoys most. The first is the ease in which an application or complicated process can be simplified when attempting a do-it-yourself purchase. The second is the immediate response from customer support when you per chance run into a snag. Using Dynamic Legal Forms Will-O-Matic wizard, creating and completing Your Last Will and Testament was a breeze. More impressive was the speed and courtesy of a prompt call-back from customer support for assistance. Kudos to simplifying a complicated process.”


Will-O-Matic Testimonial #29:

“I just want to mention the great service I was provided when I called the 1-800 number. My sign-in problem was solve quickly and efficiently. Thank you for your on-going professional support!”


Will-O-Matic Testimonial #30:

“Dear Michael, what a prompt, hassle free service. You are a star and a credit to your company!!! Thank you :)”


Will-O-Matic Testimonial #31:

“I purchased an automated online Will recently and I was greatly impressed by how easy it was to produce a final document that included all of my wishes. The pop up windows as I was filling out the questionnaire were great in providing me with extra important information. You can even add clauses that could suit your every need. With this kind of service available, there isn’t any reason why anyone should be without a Will.”


Will-O-Matic Testimonial #32:

“Hi, I heard about you through an online search for will kits and decided to use you on the basis of media reports. I believe one in the Globe and Mail perhaps. It was easy to use and did seem to cover all the bases.  On the whole, I’d recommend it to others. It was a pain free experience and a relief to get it done.”


Will-O-Matic Testimonial #33: 

“I was googling this morning for an easy way to redo or update my will, preferably  online.  I found a reference to a Globe and Mail article and you tube interview on Michael Calabsh’s product, Will-o-Matic!! …  The site is more than easy to use.  It leads you step-by-step through the process of naming trustees, identifying your assets as well as beneficiaries and offers choices and options in each category.  It’s easy to personalize as well allowing gifting to either individuals or organizations.  It includes one year of free updates and edits… so after I ponder my first attempt, I will probably go in and tweak it some more.  Highly recommended.

Bernice from Victoria, BC

Will-O-Matic Testimonial #34:

“For my wife and I, it became apparent after having our first child that it was important to have a will. We are avid watchers of Dragon’s Den and once watching Dynamic Legal Forms pitch their idea, we were intrigued. No crazy lawyer fees, just signup and and you get a will just like that? I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but I registered and went through the Will-o-matic process. Simple and easy to understand questions made completing this task a breeze. Once completed, it provided a download link and that was it. I proceeded to do the same for my wife and completed hers as well. All in all, in about 30 minutes we both had wills complete. I then required assistance in getting back onto my account to access the original will. On a Saturday morning, my email was responded to within 10 minutes and my problem was resolved. Dynamic Legal Forms truly is amazing, simple and easy to use, I have already recommended it to my father-in-law who is looking to update his will. I will be sure to mention this to all my friends, and look forward to using Dynamic Legal Forms in the future! Thanks so much from a happy customer!”