Terms of Use Template – Funny Stuff…

Michael CarabashI found it funny that a website called Rocket Powered Gaming had taken some of our Terms of Use and made it their own (verbatim). What they neglected to do was remove our name from some of those terms. Specifically it says on THEIR website’s Terms of Use: “…you agree not to knowingly (f) take any action which imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on Dynamic Legal Forms Ltd.’s infrastructure”. That’s great news for us (we don’t mind getting our names mentioned for free on a gaming website), but how does it help protect Rocket Powered Gaming? Let this be a lesson from those of you who are going out there and lifting terms of use from other websites: read the fine print and ask yourself: “am I doing more harm than good?” In this particular case, the terms copied were generic in nature – so it made sense for them to put it. They just needed to change our name to their own to make it mean something. But what if you actually needed Terms of Use to capture the particulars of what your website does. In these situations, you should consult with a lawyer (e.g. by making a post on Dynamic Legal Forms) about the specific language needed in your Terms of Use agreement. I’ve blogged extensively about Terms of Use templates for websites both here and here.

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