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In case you missed it, you can watch my pitch on CBC’s Dragon’s Den here: It’s episode 18. My pitch starts at about the 25 minute in. So you’ll need to place it just after the third little white dot on the timeline. Enjoy!

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Canadian Legal Forms + Video Guides. After a week or so of working on it, I am pleased to announce that our legal forms + video guides splash page has finally received a fitting facelift.

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Affiliate Program: Canadian Legal Forms + Video Guides (coming soon!). I’m pleased to announce that, something in October, we will be creating an affiliate program for our Legal Forms + Video Guides.

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The Lawyers Weekly has written an article about my upcoming pitch to CBC’s Dragon’s Den: It was a great article, done on very short notice. My thanks go out to the Lawyers Weekly…stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed… To check out all the media attention we’ve received since starting Dynamic Legal Forms, go here.

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So we’re currently working on the following Ontario Legal Forms + Video Guides packages for April: Cohabitation Agreement which becomes a Marriage Contract (also known as a Prenup or Prenuptial Agreement); Marriage Contract prior to marriage (also known as a Prenup or Prenuptial Agreement); Marriage Contract during marriage Separation Agreement Package Employment Agreement That’s your […]

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A few weeks ago, I was featured in a Lawyers Weekly article about sharing office space. The article featured my good friend, Joel Kadish, and I (among others) discussing the pros and cons of sharing office space. The article also mentioned Dynamic Legal Forms‘ new Legal Forms + Video Guides packages. Here’s the full article […]

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Here comes Legal Form + Video Guide #5: Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement (Mutual) This Agreement can be used to restrict both parties’ use and disclosure of confidential information that is being provided to it. If only ONE party is sharing confidential information and want to restrict the other’s use and disclosure of that information, then […]

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So Professor Fodden COINCIDENTALLY decided to write a blog on Slaw YESTERDAY that discussed a PH.D. thesis from 2007 by Christine Vanda Burns called “Online Legal Services – A Revolution that Failed?” It’s going to take me a little while to go through this thesis (it’s 729 pages!). But, as Professor Fodden points out in […]

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It’s coming to the wire. Which basically means that Dynamic Legal Forms is almost ready to usher in a new era of legal services through the launch of Legal Forms + Video Guides. Lawyer-prepared. Easy to customize. Simple to read. With a ton of free bonuses (guides and updates). This is going to be a […]

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