Looking back at yesterday’s guest appearance on Goldhawk Live, I thought it would be useful to make some general observations. First, people seem to be fixated on problems, not solutions. Callers complained. They pointed out lawyers’ high fees and the lack of predictability. They talked about not being able to access lawyers to go ‘big […]

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I am a sole practitioner with my own law practice here in Toronto (focusing on business law, lobbying, and litigation). I was surfing (a popular free classifieds website) earlier last year and noticed something peculiar: in the clutter of lawyer posts advertising their services on mass, a few individuals (i.e. non lawyers) had taken […]

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As with lawyers, the end of Realtors is often prophesized through the advent of sell-by-owner websites that cut out the 6% commission which Realtors and brokerages charge for a typical transaction. The idea behind the website is simple: allow owners and sellers to negotiate a purchase and sale agreement for property without involving the middlemen. […]

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Michael Rappaport’s article about Richard Susskind in this week’s Lawyers Weekly entitled “The end of lawyers as we know it” made me smile. Why? Because the more people who write about what the future of law holds, the more I realize that I am heading down the right track in developing Dynamic Legal Forms. In […]

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When I was articling in-house, a senior lawyer let me borrow a book that was described as eye-opening and scary. The book: Who Stole My Cheese? by Ilene Hochberg. It’s a bestseller and a nicely-written book. It’s very short and, given that it was a story about mice, looked more like something you’d give to […]

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One of Ross Kodner’s 30+ law and technology predictions for 2009 includes lawyers becoming so desperate for business that they start auctioning their services on eBay. Obviously, for lawyers to offer their services in this manner will reflect the increasing commoditization of their services. It is perhaps those lawyers engaged in high volume transactional work […]

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It was a great experience to have finally met Richard Susskind last night at the National Club in downtown Toronto. The man spends much of his time thinking about the future of law and the end of lawyers. He spoke so eloquently and with a tone and fervour that no one in the crowd could […]

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Part of why lawyers charge ‘so much’ has to do with (1) their unique education, knowledge, skill-set, and experiences, (2) the cost of their education, and (3) the cost of operating a law practice. I’ll deal with each of these briefly in turn. To begin, lawyers spend years developing a form of legal reasoning that […]

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The Law Society of Upper Canada’s (“LSUC“) Lawyer Referral Services (“LRS“) has been around for some time now and it is well promoted. For $6, anyone can call 1-900-565-4577 and be connected to a local lawyer who will speak to them for 30 minutes about their case. I believe the time has come for the […]

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