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Today I got an e-mail from Richard Susskind (legal futurist and law professor in the U.K.). He’s basically the reason I do anything online. I met him in person and we’ve had some nice email chats every now and then. Really, really smart guy. Today, he forwarded to me an article he wrote for The […]

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So as a follow up to my recent blog entitled “Access to Justice: What You Should Know”, I thought I’d follow up with another quick blog about some more thoughts that Richard Susskind wrote about in his book, “The End of Lawyers”. So we started off with the idea that access to justice is a […]

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Richard Susskind – the man who influenced me to build and develop Dynamic Legal Forms into what it is today – wrote a part in his book (“The End of Lawyers?”) that I want to discuss here for a moment. That book is almost like a blueprint for me. Heck, I even take that book […]

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It’s quite amazing to reflect on the similarities between two websites – Dynamic Legal Forms and Advicescene – that are trying to enhance access to justice through technology. Dynamic Legal Forms, started by my in November 2008, allows users to post their legal issue(s) a la Craigslist and have Ontario lawyers respond with free information […]

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In the Spring 2009 edition of the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice’s News and Views, Jordan Furlong points out the various reasons why the end is near for the traditional legal business model. His article, which can be found here, makes some very compelling arguments as to why billing by the hour, paying lawyers by […]

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In yesterday’s Financial Post, Jim Middlemiss wrote a very interesting article called “Lawyers must change with times”. In that article, Jim writes about David Galbenski’s new book called “Unbound: How Entrepreneurship is Dramatically Transforming Legal Services Today”. In that book, Galbenski describes the storm that has been brewing for some time: corporations and organizations are […]

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Michael Rappaport’s article about Richard Susskind in this week’s Lawyers Weekly entitled “The end of lawyers as we know it” made me smile. Why? Because the more people who write about what the future of law holds, the more I realize that I am heading down the right track in developing Dynamic Legal Forms. In […]

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Robert Todd of the Law Times has just written an article entitled “Susskind Joins CBA as Special Advisor”, which can for the moment be found here. In that article, Richard Susskind describes two phenomena that are going to disrupt the way in which traditional legal services are offered: automatic document assembly and the formation of […]

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It’s 2020. You’re in Toronto and in need of legal services. Your will is outdated because all your children are now married with children of their own. Meanwhile, your thriving business needs to be incorporated for liability, expansion, and tax-planning purposes. Finally, you need representation to help you fight some speeding and parking tickets. So, […]

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Watch out for tomorrow’s Law Page in the Globe and Mail! Richard Susskind’s The End of Lawyers? and Dynamic Legal Forms are being featured in Jacquie McNish’s article entitled “A novel idea: the end of lawyers”. At present, the article can be read here. I coincidentally ran into Jacquie at the Richard Susskind book launch. […]

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It was a great experience to have finally met Richard Susskind last night at the National Club in downtown Toronto. The man spends much of his time thinking about the future of law and the end of lawyers. He spoke so eloquently and with a tone and fervour that no one in the crowd could […]

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