Review of DIY Formal Will Products I’m a Toronto lawyer.  I’m also the founder / president of Dynamic Legal Forms Ltd., which sells the most do-it-yourself formal Wills in Canada through our proprietary Will-O-Matic system.  We have also expanded to Australia and the UK. What is a DIY Formal Will? A formal Will is a […]

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I hate to toot my own horn…but it’s good for my business if prospective clients know that others have hired me and were satisfied with my services. So here’s another testimonial from an internet entrepreneur who recently hired me to create / organize her business: “I am an entrepreneur and I recently retained Michael Carabash […]

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Not to toot my own horn, but I started asking clients for testimonials about their experience using me as their lawyer. I wanted honest feedback. I also wanted to show prospective clients what others have said about me. These testimonials are the real deal (un-edited and left intact): You can read all testimonials here.

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