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Two weeks ago, I was retained by a client who had made a post on Dynamic Legal Forms a few months ago. I asked how he heard about us. He responded: he was google-ing and came across one of my blogs. This past week, I was retained by a client who had made a post […]

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So alongside the release of our new eBook, I’ll be releasing bits and pieces of that eBook right here in the blog. Remember, just go here to download the full eBook (just scroll to the bottom). Introduction You have just hung out your own shingle and are looking for new clients. You are an associate […]

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Looks like the first report issued by Dynamic Legal Forms is still getting mentioned in the press, this time in the Financial Post Blog by Mitch Kowalski. In that report, we researched 1,000 solo / small firm Toronto lawyers on the Internet to determine their web presence. We found that, while many of these lawyers […]

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Why have lawyers and law firms been slow to take advantage of the opportunities presented by technology and the Internet to promote themselves to prospective clients? Why do lawyers feel that they just need to put up a website for the sake of saying they have a website? Putting up a website alone doesn’t guarantee […]

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