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So the Law Society of Upper Canada, Pro Bono Law Ontario, the Law Foundation of Ontario, and Legal Aid Ontario teamed up to study the civil legal needs experienced by low and middle-income Ontarians. Their Report of the Ontario Civil Legal Needs Project was released yesterday. The gist of the report is that, with respect […]

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I am pleased to announce that, as of July 1, 2009, Dynamic Legal Forms will post the hour-long video from June 3rd, 2009’s taping of Goldhawk Live (courtesy of Rogers TV). In that video, in case you missed it, I was one of the panelists (along with Lorne Sossin of U of T and Pro […]

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As a follow up to my blog about unbundled legal services in Canada, I thought I’d mention what Canada’s top judge has said about it. Recall from my previous blog that unbundled legal services are legal services offered by lawyers to allow clients to pay less by doing some of the work themselves. An example […]

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