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Family Law Agreements Ontario Prenuptial Agreement | Marriage Contract: the Prenup-O-Matic A Prenuptial Agreement is a domestic agreement between adults who are about to get married and who want to either avoid or create financial obligations that may arise from their cohabiting or eventual marriage.  A Marriage Contract is the same thing as a Prenuptial […]

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Well, I’m pleased to announce that we have just updated the eBook that comes with an Ontario Prenuptial Agreement. The eBook is now 36 pages long! We’ve included recent cases, ways in which Prenuptial Agreements can be challenged, and much more. It’s available for free with the purchase of an Ontario Prenuptial Agreement (which avoids […]

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Prenuptial Agreement Ontario I am pleased to announce that we have just upgraded our DL Guide that comes with our Prenuptial Agreement (Ontario): The written guide used to be 28 pages long and chuck full of the good stuff. But we’ve added some new caselaw dealing with EXCLUSIVE POSSESSION of the matrimonial home. Now, the […]

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Prenup Agreement: Updated! I’m pleased to announce that we have just updated our Prenuptial Agreement for Ontario. Specifically, we’ve done the following: Made the terms and conditions dealing with the Matrimonial Home more flexible with respect to who owns it and how net proceeds will be divided upon the sale. Included an indemnification provision: each […]

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Cohabitation agreement Ontario: common questions and answers about cohabitation agreements Ontario, prenuptial agreements, marriage contracts, etc.

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Cohabitation Agreements If you’re not married and you are living with someone (or planning to), your financial affairs can be negatively affected! In Ontario, common law spouses can claim support under the Family Law Act and also make claims to your assets on the basis of equitable doctrines (e.g. unjust enrichment, constructive trust, etc.). You […]

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Prenuptial Agreement. We just released a long-awaited Prenuptial Agreement for Ontario (avoid financial obligations during and after marriage).

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In this blog, I’m going to continue that discussion by talking about challenging SUPPORT provisions in prenups and marriage contracts. So lets go…

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Prenuptial Agreements | Marriage Contracts. Please note that the information provided herein is not legal advice and is provided for informational and educational purposes only.

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FREE Prenuptial Agreement? Nope, but it’s the next best thing!We have just released what may be our most popular legal form: a Prenuptial Agreement that avoids creating financial obligations on the parties who are about to get married.

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Prenuptial Agreements | Prenup Template. Here comes legal form + video guide #28:Prenuptial Agreement for couples who are about to marry but wish to avoid creating financial consequences as a result. This legal form can be used by two individuals who want to get married but who don’t want their marriage to create any financial obligations on them.

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Cohabitation | Prenuptial Agreement Ontario (Survives Marriage) Here comes Legal Form + Video Guide #27: Cohabitation Agreement that Survives Marriage and Becomes a Prenuptial Agreement (it’s the second one; the first cohabitation agreement TERMINATES upon marriage). If you are looking for a Prenuptial Agreement and don’t live or intend to live with your partner before […]

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