ontario reports parody

So I’ve been working on a final Ontario Reports parody video…this one was going to be ready by today, but it failed to rain over the weekend. So we only managed to get the first 20 second completed. Nevertheless, due to the popularity of the other parody videos I’ve done, I wanted to give those […]

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I was just thinking about doing another Ontario Reports parody video (here’s my first one and here’s my second one) when I got an e-mail from none other than “Ontario Reports” (as all lawyers across Ontario similarly received) saying that they were going digital! I was shocked! There’s no real way of knowing whether my […]

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For the fun of it (and following on the success of my last video), I decided to do a new parody on the Ontario Reports (with a Halloween theme). It took about 2 days to film and edit, but I think it was worth it. For those of you (i.e. non-lawyers) who are not familiar […]

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So I’ve been gone for a week – vacationing in Florida with the family – and now it’s time for me to catch up. For starters, the day before I left, I published a new video. It’s an Ontario Reports ParodyI did. It took me about 4 hours of filming and 8 hours of editing […]

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