ontario prenuptial agreement

Cohabitation Agreements If you’re not married and you are living with someone (or planning to), your financial affairs can be negatively affected! In Ontario, common law spouses can claim support under the Family Law Act and also make claims to your assets on the basis of equitable doctrines (e.g. unjust enrichment, constructive trust, etc.). You […]

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Prenuptial Agreement. We just released a long-awaited Prenuptial Agreement for Ontario (avoid financial obligations during and after marriage).

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FREE Prenuptial Agreement? Nope, but it’s the next best thing!We have just released what may be our most popular legal form: a Prenuptial Agreement that avoids creating financial obligations on the parties who are about to get married.

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Cohabitation | Prenuptial Agreement Ontario (Survives Marriage) Here comes Legal Form + Video Guide #27: Cohabitation Agreement that Survives Marriage and Becomes a Prenuptial Agreement (it’s the second one; the first cohabitation agreement TERMINATES upon marriage). If you are looking for a Prenuptial Agreement and don’t live or intend to live with your partner before […]

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