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“Hello Michael,

I have been working on your forms since downloading and I could not believe the efficiency of your product. The video demo is excellent. With respect to pricing though, I believe a package option to include a (tenancy agreement and the ‘option to purchase realty agreement’) is missing.

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“Hello Michael,

The ‘residential lease agreement’ Form was very easy to customize. I liked the structure and thought it covered the various elements. It is concise and is very easy to use. I spent many hours trying to customize other Forms but your Form is the best that I have seen.

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So we’re currently working on the following Ontario Legal Forms + Video Guides packages for April: Cohabitation Agreement which becomes a Marriage Contract (also known as a Prenup or Prenuptial Agreement); Marriage Contract prior to marriage (also known as a Prenup or Prenuptial Agreement); Marriage Contract during marriage Separation Agreement Package Employment Agreement That’s your […]

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Here comes Legal Form + Video Guide #11: Settlement and Release Agreement (Mutual) This Agreement can be used by parties who wish to obtain releases and settle disputes between them. If only one party needs a release (because they were at fault), then you can purchase a One-Sided Settlement and Release Agreement from Dynamic Legal […]

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