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I just googled “Dynamic Legal Forms will kit” and what did I see at the top? A competitor actually PAYING Google to have an ad appear when someone typed in OUR name! Hilarious! In fact, I can’t tell you how many times people get fooled into buying someone else’s product thinking that they bought a […]

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Here’s Legal Form + Video Guide #12: Cohabitation Agreement (Ontario) – Terminates Upon Marriage This Agreement can be used by parties who are cohabiting or who intend to cohabit and want to define their respective rights and obligations concerning support, property, the moral education of children, etc. THIS Agreement terminates upon marriage. If you are […]

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There’s no doubt that lawyers, as a group, charge a lot per hour (just check out our recent report on legal fees in Toronto, where we telephone interviewed 500 solo and small firm Toronto lawyers and asked them about their legal fees). This makes them inaccessible to the average middle-class Torontonian for legal matters which […]

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There are about 35,000 lawyers in Ontario. Among other things, Ontario lawyers are called Barristers and Solicitors, attorneys, licensees of the Law Society of Upper Canada, and counsel. A person who is called to the bar in Ontario is only entitled to practice Ontario law. Not many people understand or appreciate this fact. So if […]

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