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I’m pleased to announce that National Magazine (the magazine of the Canadian Bar Association) has just published an article featuring yours truly. The article talks about online legal marketing in the context of my boutique dental law practice (DMC Law). Many thanks go out to Pablo Fuchs for writing the article. And here it is:

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Yesterday, I was interviewed by Pablo Fuchs for the Canada Bar Association’s National Magazine.  Pablo is writing a story on law firm search engine optimization.  We chatted about my 3 free ebooks on law firm SEO, how I use SEO to market my practice, and what types of techniques I use to do so.  Importantly, […]

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Much thanks go out to Michael Rappaport of the Canadian Bar Association’s National Magazine for the mention of in his article entitled “Connecting with Clients“. Here’s what Michael wrote about us: — In November 2008, Michael Carabash, a Toronto business lawyer and entrepreneur founded Dynamic Lawyers, an online lawyer directory with a forum […]

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