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Funny how my blog ranks highest for the words “lawyers aid canada” in a routine google search. Also, I think I’ve mentioned “Lawyers Aid Canada” at least a few times on radio and television when talking about affordable legal solutions for the middle class. It seems like I’m doing their marketing and PR work for […]

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There’s no doubt that lawyers, as a group, charge a lot per hour (just check out our recent report on legal fees in Toronto, where we telephone interviewed 500 solo and small firm Toronto lawyers and asked them about their legal fees). This makes them inaccessible to the average middle-class Torontonian for legal matters which […]

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In Kate Lunau’s most recent article in MacLean’s magazine (entitled “How to Pay for Some Justice – Special Report – Legal insurance could be just what Canadians need” on March 9, 2009), she discussed how legal insurance could benefit Canada’s middle class – who earn too much money to qualify for legal aid but who […]

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