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In this week’s MacLeans Magazine, Joanne McCracken from B.C. asks “Why must shareholders allow CEO robber barons to continue to rip them off?” She proceeds to argue that CEOs like RIM’s Mike Lazaridis should’t be pocketing $51 million a year – irrespective of “what they do, how hard they work, or how smart they are”. […]

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I picked up this week’s MacLean’s Magazine and read Kate Lunau’s article entitled “Law Societies Under Fire”. This is the 4th article of a 5-part series on the problems within our legal system. The argument that lawyers should not be regulating themselves is not new. In fact, MacLean’s Magazine previously published a controversial article under […]

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In Kate Lunau’s most recent article in MacLean’s magazine (entitled “How to Pay for Some Justice – Special Report – Legal insurance could be just what Canadians need” on March 9, 2009), she discussed how legal insurance could benefit Canada’s middle class – who earn too much money to qualify for legal aid but who […]

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Kate Lunau of MacLean’s Magazine is doing a 5-part series on Canada’s legal system (specifically, it’s many flaws). She mentions in her most recent article (“A Closed Society”, February 23, 2009 at pp. 48-49) how the British have implemented significant changes to promote access to justice for the common person. Such changes have included having […]

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