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Law Firm Marketing – I though it would be worthwhile to re-send my first two FREE eBooks about online marketing for law firms.

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I came across a great article about legal marketing by U.S. personal injury firm Beasley Allen. Now here’s a firm that really knows what to do when it comes to legal marketing. Here’s my synopsis of that article: There are many different ways to market your law firm. Traditional, off-line methods include having a solid […]

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Why have lawyers and law firms been slow to take advantage of the opportunities presented by technology and the Internet to promote themselves to prospective clients? Why do lawyers feel that they just need to put up a website for the sake of saying they have a website? Putting up a website alone doesn’t guarantee […]

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Dynamic Legal Forms has just issued a new report on the 5 challenges which lawyers and law firms need to overcome with respect to advertising their services. You can view the full report for free here.

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