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Looking back at yesterday’s guest appearance on Goldhawk Live, I thought it would be useful to make some general observations. First, people seem to be fixated on problems, not solutions. Callers complained. They pointed out lawyers’ high fees and the lack of predictability. They talked about not being able to access lawyers to go ‘big […]

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Today I had the pleasure of appearing (again) as a guest on Goldhawk Live (Rogers TV). The topic was all about Access to Justice. I think we covered a lot of good topics, including how Dynamic Legal Forms works, how we provide free legal information to the public, how to pick a good lawyer, legal […]

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So today I appeared as a guest on Newstalk 1010 radio with Marc Saltzman of Tech Talk. Marc and I talked about the history of Dynamic Legal Forms, the new Legal Forms + Video Guides initiative, and took some calls from interested listeners. Here’s the show in part 1 and part 2: FYI, this was […]

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Our media campaign about Legal Forms + Video Guides officially launches today! Catch me on CFRB1010 News Talk Radio with Marc Saltzman at 12:00 p.m. noon. And don’t forget to set your clock one hour-ahead or you’ll miss the interview (don’t worry, we’ll also be podcasting it afterwards). FYI, on Wednesday, I’ll be on TV […]

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FYI, I will be appearing on CFRB1010 next week to discuss this new project. There’s also talks with other local and national media to bring awareness to this fabulous new service – so stay tuned…Here’s the swanky Press Release that was issued today as part our Official Launch of Legal Forms + Video Guides:

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The Future of Legal Services is here: LEGAL FORMS + VIDEO GUIDES! Dynamic Legal Forms is please to offer lawyer-prepared, customizable, and affordable legal forms. Simple to read and easy to customize using standard computer software. Best of all, these legal forms come with an array of FREE BONUSES. For starters, there’s a FREE VIDEO […]

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Yours truly was featured in the Lawyers Weekly this past week in an article about lawyers sharing office space. Lorraine Mallinder spoke to me and another colleague of mine, Toronto Real Estate Lawyer Joel Kadish, about the advantages and disadvantages of sharing office space with other lawyers, as well as our experiences. Importantly, Lorraine mentioned […]

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