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Canadian Legal Forms I’m pleased to say that we’ve been slowly building our inventory of legal form + video guide packages. We started off just over 1 year ago, introducing about 11 forms only for Ontario. Then we grew that to almost 30 forms by the end of 2010. Then, starting in 2011, we undertook […]

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Yes, I realize it’s been a while. For the past few months, I’ve been busy updating the website, increasing our legal forms packages, and getting ready for tomorrow night’s appearance on CBC’s Dragon’s Den. I haven’t had my twitter feed on for a while because, a while back, I discovered to my shock that I […]

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Well, I’m pleased to announce that Canadian Lawyer Magazine has published its article about automated document assembly and has given considerable mention to our legal forms + video tutorials + written guides! I would encourage you to click on the first link above and read this very insightful article about automated document assembly. Thanks go […]

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Noticed something different on Dynamic Legal Forms? Our graphics designer has been working to give this very simple website a new look and feel to match it’s dynamic service offerings.

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The Lawyers Weekly has written an article about my upcoming pitch to CBC’s Dragon’s Den: It was a great article, done on very short notice. My thanks go out to the Lawyers Weekly…stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed… To check out all the media attention we’ve received since starting Dynamic Legal Forms, go here.

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As a lawyer, I’m a bit biased towardspeople relying solely on legal form kits to protect their rights and promote their interests. I could be wrong here (and I’ll be the first to admit) because I haven’t done my due diligence as to what kinds of services are available. But it’s worth voicing my concerns […]

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