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The podcast of my 30-minute radio interview with Dale Goldhawk on Goldhawk Fights Back (AM740) is now available here. Just scroll down to the bottom. Recall that this live interview dealt with Dynamic Legal Forms, legal fees, access to justice, contingency fees, what to discuss with a lawyer at the initial consultation, etc.

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Dynamic Legal Forms is pleased to announce that it has just completed a report about legal fees among solo/small firm Toronto lawyers.The report is entitled “Is Time Running Out on the Billable Hour?” Have you ever wanted to know what the average hourly rate for that group was and how it varies by legal area […]

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Cassandra Drudi wrote an article entitled “Lawyer told to pay back $250,000 in fees to developers ” (Ottawa Citizen, 4 March 2009) that is worth discussing in some detail here. In that article, Ms. Drudi talked about a situation involving Ottawa lawyer D. Kenneth Gibson (Gibson & Associates LLP), who had been ordered to repay […]

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We have begun working on a new report that will deal with the possible end of the billable hour. Specifically, we will be conducting a survey of 1,000 solo / small firm Toronto lawyers over the next month and asking them basic questions about their hourly rates, fixed fees for certain transactions, etc. It’s likely […]

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Part of why lawyers charge ‘so much’ has to do with (1) their unique education, knowledge, skill-set, and experiences, (2) the cost of their education, and (3) the cost of operating a law practice. I’ll deal with each of these briefly in turn. To begin, lawyers spend years developing a form of legal reasoning that […]

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