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Law Firm Search Engine Optimization – As I indicated in my previous blog, I though it would be worthwhile to re-send my first two FREE eBooks about online marketing for law firms.

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This is the 3rd free eBook I’ve written about online legal marketing for lawyers, by lawyers.

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Law Firm Marketing So I’ve decided, after learning a few more tricks and tips on law firm search engine optimization, to share it with the world in another eBook entitled “Law Firm SEO: Get the GOOGLE JUICE Flowing!” I figure I’ll make it short and sweet and fill it only with the good stuff. Why […]

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Part of your law firm search engine optimization strategy will undoubtedly involve identifying and targeting a viral market. What is a viral market, you ask? Simple: an initial market that will take your product, service, or idea into the mainstream (where all the money is going to be made). A viral market, much like a […]

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