independent contractor agreement

Many thanks go out to Mark C. Robins of LawyerLocate for mentioning an article written by Daniel Lublin in today’s Metro News. The article is entitled “It’s buyer beware for online legal services”. In that article, Mr. Daniel Lublin (a noted Toronto employment lawyer) talks about the bad experience of a couple who bought a […]

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Here comes Legal Form + Video Guide #18: Independent Contractor Agreement (Client) – With Statement of Work This Agreement can be used by a Client who wants to engage the services of an Independent Contractor (e.g. a consultant, a professional, a general worker, etc.) without creating an employment relationship. The “Client” means that this Independent […]

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OK, so I realize I’m blogging sporadically, but that’s because I’ve been busy practicing law and preparing more Legal Forms + Video Guides. So let me give you a quick update… First of all, concerning the Legal Forms + Video Guides, we have 12 packages available for purchase. These all deal with Ontario legal forms. […]

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