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Last Will and Testament If you are looking to create your own Will, you can do so by using our online Will-O-Matic software! It creates a custom-tailored and affordable Will that is based on the laws of your province: The Winnipeg Sun I found it interesting that the media seems to be focusing on Wills […]

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I am pleased to announce that the Globe and Mail has featured yet another article of our Legal Forms + Video Guides and our Make a Post and Get FREE QUOTES from Ontario lawyers. Here’s the most recent article by Ian Harvey that mentions us: Law firms cater to small business clients with new structures and services.

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Remember: if you are looking for a pardon or record suspension, try a Canadian Pardon | Record Suspension Service. So today my blog post about the history of criminal records was featured in the Globe and Mail. In that post, I talked about how the pardon system used to be administered by a special committee […]

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In yesterday’s Globe and Mail, Rob Carrick interviewed two Ottawa investor litigators in his article “The hired guns: ‘Problem is people finding us’”. I couldn’t resist e-mailing Rob because some people do in fact use Dynamic Legal Forms to seek out Toronto and Ottawa lawyers concerning suing their investment advisers. While this approach is somewhat […]

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Seeing as how Dynamic Legal Forms is expanding its presence in Ottawa, I thought I’d take some time to mention the prominent newspapers in Ottawa. Here are the ones that I’ve personally come across while doing some research (note that this doesn’t include the national newspapers that appear in Ottawa like the Globe and Mail […]

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Watch out for tomorrow’s Law Page in the Globe and Mail! Richard Susskind’s The End of Lawyers? and Dynamic Legal Forms are being featured in Jacquie McNish’s article entitled “A novel idea: the end of lawyers”. At present, the article can be read here. I coincidentally ran into Jacquie at the Richard Susskind book launch. […]

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