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FYI, I will be appearing on CFRB1010 next week to discuss this new project. There’s also talks with other local and national media to bring awareness to this fabulous new service – so stay tuned…Here’s the swanky Press Release that was issued today as part our Official Launch of Legal Forms + Video Guides:

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It’s been a long-time coming. But we’ve finally decided to move forward on a new project: downloadable legal forms. We’ve done our homework and we’re going to start making common and simplified legal forms available for purchase through Dynamic Legal Forms. We will be launching our first set of legal forms and guides (videos, ebooks, […]

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If you’re looking for a great legal forum, then you should check out Advice Scene – a new place where people can post their legal questions and lawyers (and even law students, paralegals, and judges) can register and respond. BEST OF ALL: it’s FREE for the user and allows responding parties to showcase their knowledge […]

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