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Ask a Lawyer? Why does it sound so expensive and have to be so intimidating? Well, from the average person’s standpoint, lawyer charge hourly rates, usually broken down into ten 6-minute intervals. Hence, if a lawyer’s hourly rate is $300, then a 1 minute conversation could cost you $30. So what’s the alternative? Well, if […]

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There are many avenues for average Torontonians to find not only a lawyer, but the right lawyer for their particular case. Unfortunately, most of these avenues are inconvenient and sometimes very costly (e.g. an initial meeting with a lawyer could run you a few hundred bucks!). More often than not, people find a lawyer through […]

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Lawyer Find: how do most Ontarians find a lawyer? Well, a dated but still relevant survey conducted by Manifest Communications of the public attitudes towards Ontario lawyers showed that most people turn to informal networks to find lawyers [source: Milton W. Zwicker, Developing & Managing a Successful Law Firm, (Toronto, Canada: Thomson Canada Ltd., 1995), […]

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