Many thanks go out to Marc Saltzman for doing this radio interview of me talking about our Will-O-Matic on his show “Tech Talk”, which happens every Sunday from 5-6 p.m. on CJAD 800 Radio:

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Will-O-Matic featured in CBA PracticeLink Many thanks go out to Omar Ha-Redeye for mentioning – and to James Careless for writing about – our Will-O-Matic in James’ article entitled “Smart software/hardware buys for the start-up lawyer“. Here’s the article and highlighted below is the part that discuss the Will-O-Matic: Smart software/hardware buys for the start-up […]

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Well, I’m pleased to announce that my article entitled “Online Accounts and Assets: What Happens to these things when you Die?” is being featured in Here’s the article in full: What happens to cloud data when you die? Just because you’re storing data in the cloud now doesn’t mean you’ll still be able to […]

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