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Will-O-Matic System featured in Edmonton Journal Many thanks go out to Elizabeth Withey of the Edmonton Journal for mentioning our new Will-O-Matic system. Here’s her article and the part that talks about us: Elizabeth Withey, “Take a Horsey ride into the mind of modern-day fatherhood”, Edmonton Journal (7 February 2012), F1. Over Christmas, I wrote […]

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I’m pleased to announce the Lawyers Weekly has just published an article about our legal forms: Booming Internet biz threatens small firms By John Schofield December 16 2011 issue He’s best known as a lawyer to the stars — the legal genius who successfully defended O.J. Simpson and represented celebrities like Johnny Carson and the […]

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Here’s a new pic and some info that just went up on CBC’s website about my upcoming pitch (Legal Forms + Video Guides). Remember to tune into CBC next Wednesday, March 9, 2011 to find out what happened on the show:

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I’ve decided to write another book. But this one isn’t going to be about the law. It’s going to be about CBC’s Dragon’s Den. I want to take my experience – and the experience of others – and couple it with my legal and business knowledge in the context of a reality TV show (namely, […]

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I wanted to say thanks to family, friends, and clients for helping me to prepare for my CBC’s Dragon’s Den pitch this Saturday (May 1). Many are nervous for me. Others congratulate me. And many others have been offering their two cents on what I should say and how I should respond to their questions. […]

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The Lawyers Weekly has written an article about my upcoming pitch to CBC’s Dragon’s Den: It was a great article, done on very short notice. My thanks go out to the Lawyers Weekly…stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed… To check out all the media attention we’ve received since starting Dynamic Legal Forms, go here.

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So today I received a very nice phone call from a CBC producer to talk about my upcoming pitch about my Legal Forms + Video Guides to the Dragon’s (May 1st). We came up with some very good ideas. Now it’s up to me to prepare. I’ve also got to get Parastou (my fiance) to […]

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OK, so while I’m preparing for the May 1st audition on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, I thought it would be a good idea to just update everyone on what we’re doing with the website. First, we’re coming out with more legal forms + video guides. We’ve received some great media attention since launching (Newtalk 1010, National […]

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I think it would be helpful to mention a few things about going on Dragon’s Den. There seems to be a lot of confusion out there respecting the show, so let me help clear the air. First of all, there is NO guarantee that my pitch to the Dragon’s (concerning Legal Forms + Video Guides) […]

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CBC Dragon’s Den just put our video up on their website. Be sure to check it out and vote or leave comments about it on CBC’s website! We’ll keep you posted on any future developments on this front.

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