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Well, I’m pleased to announce that Canadian Lawyer Magazine has published its article about automated document assembly and has given considerable mention to our legal forms + video tutorials + written guides! I would encourage you to click on the first link above and read this very insightful article about automated document assembly. Thanks go […]

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I was just interviewed by the Canadian Lawyer Magazine. The topic: legal forms and templates and their role in the business of practicing law. For this interview, I was basically asked three questions: (1) what are the advantages to lawyers who use templates, (2) what are the corresponding risks, and (3) how prevalent are these […]

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FYI, here’s the link to Kevin Marron’s article in Canadian Lawyer Magazine that mentions Dynamic Legal Forms.

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Watch for Dynamic Legal Forms being mentioned in April’s edition of Canadian Lawyer magazine. The article, written by freelance writer Kevin Marron, discusses whether it’s a good idea to start up a solo practice during poor economic times. I was interviewed as part of the story and I talked about how Dynamic Legal Forms helps […]

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