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So alongside the release of our new eBook, I’ll be releasing bits and pieces of that eBook right here in the blog. Remember, just go here to download the full eBook (just scroll to the bottom). But Online Marketing DOESN’T Work! Some lawyers believe there are no benefits to marketing yourself online. They may say […]

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It seems like everyone is taking issue with the Billable Hour these days (myself included!). I just finished reading Donalee Moulton’s piece in the Lawyers’ Weekly entitled “Is the Billable Hour Really Dying?“. Apparently, after decades of people complaining about the billable hour, there is now a push in the U.S. (led by the Association […]

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The following passages were taken from Dynamic Legal Forms new report on legal fees in Toronto, which can be found here: I am a lawyer. It wasn’t easy getting here. I spent 7 years and $100,000 going to university to get 3 degrees. I passed the Bar exams, articled for 10 months, and then started […]

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Dynamic Legal Forms is pleased to announce that it has just completed a report about legal fees among solo/small firm Toronto lawyers.The report is entitled “Is Time Running Out on the Billable Hour?” Have you ever wanted to know what the average hourly rate for that group was and how it varies by legal area […]

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Ask a Lawyer? Why does it sound so expensive and have to be so intimidating? Well, from the average person’s standpoint, lawyer charge hourly rates, usually broken down into ten 6-minute intervals. Hence, if a lawyer’s hourly rate is $300, then a 1 minute conversation could cost you $30. So what’s the alternative? Well, if […]

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In his blog (“the [non] billable hour“), Matthew Homann (lawyer, mediator, blogger and entrepreneur) recently wrote a blog entitled “Let Your Clients Decide Your Price” (March 9, 2009). In that blog, Matthew challenged lawyers to let their clients set the price of the work they do – after it is done! This is revolutionary, not […]

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We have begun working on a new report that will deal with the possible end of the billable hour. Specifically, we will be conducting a survey of 1,000 solo / small firm Toronto lawyers over the next month and asking them basic questions about their hourly rates, fixed fees for certain transactions, etc. It’s likely […]

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