Access to Justice

Funny how my blog ranks highest for the words “lawyers aid canada” in a routine google search. Also, I think I’ve mentioned “Lawyers Aid Canada” at least a few times on radio and television when talking about affordable legal solutions for the middle class. It seems like I’m doing their marketing and PR work for […]

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So as a follow up to my recent blog entitled “Access to Justice: What You Should Know”, I thought I’d follow up with another quick blog about some more thoughts that Richard Susskind wrote about in his book, “The End of Lawyers”. So we started off with the idea that access to justice is a […]

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As part of being on Goldhawk Live today, I figured I would share some thoughts on access to justice. For starters, what exactly does access to justice mean? Well, most people would probably think it’s all about empowering more people (particularly those with less resources and sophistication) to find good and affordable lawyers who can […]

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Kate Lunau of MacLean’s Magazine is doing a 5-part series on Canada’s legal system (specifically, it’s many flaws). She mentions in her most recent article (“A Closed Society”, February 23, 2009 at pp. 48-49) how the British have implemented significant changes to promote access to justice for the common person. Such changes have included having […]

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