Steven Benmor running as LSUC Bencher…

Toronto family lawyer Steven Benmor is running as a LSUC Bencher for the next election. Here’s part of an email I received from Steven (as I’m sure others did too):

“I feel strongly about certain issues that are important to the profession – especially Family law – such as: Sole Practitioners, Graying of the Bar, Legal Aid, high number of self-represented litigants in court, Paralegals, Unbundling of Legal Services, Articling Students, and the need for lawyers in smaller cities.

In the last election, 1 out of 3 lawyers voted. We are at a critical time for Family law reform (an interested AG, a new Treasurer, a supportive Chief Justice, Home Court Advantage, recent pronouncements from the SCC Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, etc.). So I am looking for votes to put me in a position to advance the ideas, ambitions and changes needed to improve the system.”

Steven is creating a new website,, to promote his campaign.

Good luck Steven!

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