Scales of Justice

Michael CarabashThe Scales of Justice are often equated with Lady Justice (who holds them). Lady Justice is an allegorical personification of the moral force that underlies our legal system (i.e. fairness, equality, impartiality, neutral trier, etc). She usually carries a double-edged sword (which symbolizes the power of Reason and Justice which may be wielded either for or against any party)and scales of justice (which symbolize the measure of a case’s support and opposition) and is always draped in a robe. She is often wearing a blind fold to indicate that justice is (or should be) objective and impoartial and not subject to threats, bribes, etc. The origins of Lady Justice seems to be a Greek mythological character whose name in Latin is Themis. In depictions of her, she carries the scales of justice in one hand and a sword in the other, her eyes covered. She became an oracle at Delphi, and became known as a goddess of divine justice.

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