Save $$$: Ontario Residential Lease + Lease to Own Agreement

Residential Lease + Lease to Own Package (Ontario)

Thanks to the feedback from one of our customers, we are now offering an Ontario Residential Lease + Lease to Own Agreement COMBINATION PACKAGE. Instead of buying each legal form separately (which would otherwise cost $94), you can now purchase both forms for only $67 – a savings of $27 (or 29%). The basic idea is that, if you are an Ontario landlord and you want to give a tenant the option to purchase your property, then you can have them enter into a Residential Lease Agreement and a Lease to Own (also called Option to Purchase Realty Agreement) at the same time.

Remember: all of our legal forms are lawyer-prepared, customizable (they come in .doc, .wpd, and .rtf formats), and affordable (prices range from $17 to $97, depending on the legal form packages). The legal forms are regularly updated. Best of all, they come with guidance in the form of a video tutorial (watch an example of how to customize the legal form) and two written guides (one that addresses the legal issues you should be aware of and a second which is entitled “Is My Legal Form Valid and Enforceable?”).

All of our legal form packages are backed by our 30 day 100% money back guarantee! If for whatever reason you’re not completely satisfied with our legal form, we’ll refund your money no questions asked.

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