Revoking a Will | Terminating a Last Will: New DL Legal Form + Video Guide!

Here comes Legal Form + Video Guide #22:

Revocation of Will | Canceling a Will

This Ontario Agreement can be used by a testator or testatrix (i.e. a person who made a Last Will and Testament) to cancel or terminate a previously made Will. Two witnesses are required to be present and see the testator or testatrix signing this legal form. That’s why I included 2 AFFIDAVITS OF EXECUTION after the Notice of Revocation of Will. The two witnesses need to simply swear or affirm before a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits that they acted as witnesses. They can also attach the Notice of Revocation of Will to the Affidavit as Exhibit “A”.

Here’s the sample Video Guide that comes with this Notice of Revocation of Will (Ontario):

This information and this sample video guide is NOT legal advice and is provided for informational purposes only. If you need an Ontario lawyer, go to Dynamic Legal Forms and make a post.

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