Response to FREE eBook: Amazing!

Michael CarabashWow! That’s all I can say. After 24 hours of releasing our FREE eBook entitled “4 Steps to Online Legal Marketing. For Lawyers. By Lawyers”, I can truly say that the response has been amazing!

Here’s the good stuff:

  • Traffic on the website reached its second highest level since launching last November.
  • The story has been re-tweeted more than 45 times and counting.
  • News of the FREE eBook was put on Slaw and LawisCool (courtesy of good friend, Omar Ha-Redeye) and on another good friend (Garry Wise)”s popular blog (FYI, Omar and Garry were both mentioned in an article about law firms and social media, which can be found here).
  • The story was recommended by Nancy Kinney on AdviceScene.

Thanks everyone for helping to spread the eBook! We appreciate it here at Dynamic Legal Forms!

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