Residential Lease | Tenancy Agreements (Ontario)

Residential Lease | Tenancy Agreements and Contracts in Ontario

Please note that the information provided herein is not legal advice and is provided for informational and educational purposes only. If you need legal advice with respect to a residential lease or a tenancy agreement, you should seek professional assistance (e.g. make a post on Dynamic Legal Forms). We have Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Brampton, Mississauga and other Ontario lawyers registered to help you.

I just wanted to mention a few things that are often overlooked when it comes to residential lease | tenancy agreements (Ontario). First, those agreements are governed by the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006. This means that if you try to by-pass or override the provision of that Act through your residential lease agreement, the latter will be void and unenforceable. For example, if you try to include a no-pets clause, it’s only for show and can’t actually be enforced. Same thing with requiring pre-authorized payments. Just don’t be surprised! Also, when it comes to the rights and responsibilities of the landlord and the tenant, some of these things are already prescribed in the Act (so there’s nothing you can do about ’em). For example, the Landlord can’t harrass or interfere with the tenant’s reasonable enjoyment of the rental unit. The landlord must also maintain the rental unit in a good state of repair and fit for habitation and for complying with health, safety, housing and maintenance standards.

By the way, if you are a Landlord and you are looking for an Ontario Residential Lease Agreement, you’ve come to the right place:

Residential Lease Agreement (Ontario)

A Landlord can use this Agreement to rent out a residential unit. This Agreement comes with a Rental Application. All of Dynamic Legal Forms‘ legal forms are lawyer-prepared, simple to read, easy to customize, and only a fraction of the price a lawyer would charge. Also, each legal form comes with a FREE VIDEO GUIDE (watch a useful example of how this legal form can be customized), a FREE DL GUIDE (read helpful information about this legal form), and another FREE DL GUIDE that sheds valuable insight into how legal forms can be challenged. What are you waiting for?

This information and this sample video guide is NOT legal advice and is provided for informational purposes only. If you need an Ontario lawyer, go to Dynamic Legal Forms and make a post.

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