Rent to Own Package (Ontario): Updated!

Rent to Own Agreement (Ontario)

Well, I am pleased to announce that we have just updated the DL Guide that comes with a Rent to Own Agreement Package. We added an Ontario case from 2005 dealing with Rent to Own Agreements (and in the process buffed up the Agreement from 12 to 15 pages!).

What if you’re looking for a Residential Lease Agreement + Lease to Own Agreement? Well, we are now offering an Ontario Residential Lease + Lease to Own Agreement COMBINATION PACKAGE. Instead of buying each legal form separately (which would otherwise cost $94), you can now purchase both forms for only $67 – a savings of $27 (or 29%). The basic idea is that, if you are an Ontario landlord and you want to give a tenant the option to purchase your property, then you can have them enter into a Residential Lease Agreement and a Lease to Own (also called Option to Purchase Realty Agreement) at the same time.

Remember: all of our legal forms are lawyer-prepared, customizable (they come in .doc, .wpd, and .rtf formats), and affordable (prices range from $17 to $97, depending on the legal form packages). The legal forms are regularly updated. Best of all, they come with guidance in the form of a video tutorial (watch an example of how to customize the legal form) and two written guides (one that addresses the legal issues you should be aware of and a second which is entitled “Is My Legal Form Valid and Enforceable?”).

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