Quick Update: New Legal Form Packages are coming!

I’ve been busy these days with traditional client work (DMC Law) and playing golf. But I wanted to mention what we’ve been up to with respect to this website (so you don’t get the idea that we’re not doing anything 🙂

New Legal Forms for Alberta!

This week, we will be releasing 4 new legal forms for Alberta:

  • Cohabitation Agreement (terminates upon marriage; avoids creating financial obligations);
  • Cohabitation Agreement (continues past marriage; voids creating financial obligations);
  • Prenuptial Agreement (avoids creating financial obligations); and
  • Marriage Contract (avoids creating financial obligations).

For those who need clarification, a cohabitation agreement is a written agreement entered into by two people who are not married but who are in a conjugal relationship (i.e. living together). A cohabitation agreement can continue past marriage or it can terminate upon marriage. A prenuptial agreement is a written agreement entered into between adults who intend to get married. Finally, a marriage contract is a written agreement between two adults who are already married.

Now, when I say “avoids creating financial obligations”, it’s basically a “what’s mine is mine; what’s yours is yours situation”.

I’ve very excited about releasing these legal forms. We’ve put a lot of time and energy into making the legal forms comprehensive yet simple. We’ve also spent a lot of time researching Alberta laws (statutory, common law, etc.) to make sure we’ve covered all of our bases. The last thing you want to do is use a generic legal form (available on OTHER websites) that FAILS TO COMPLY with Alberta laws! That’s why one of the written guides that comes with each package (recall that each package comes with 2 written guides) discusses the legal issues of the legal form you’ve purchased. Right now, the DL Guide for the Cohabitation Agreement packages is over 40 pages long and the one for the Prenuptial Agreement and Marriage Contract is over 30 pages long each! That’s a lot of valuable information.

Finally, depending on your situation, you may need to get an Alberta lawyer to review your customizations, commission affidavits, provide an acknowledgment and certificate of independent legal advice, etc. If that’s the case, you can make a post on this website to get quotes from Alberta lawyers who will do this for you at a fraction of the price that they would otherwise have charged.

OK, that’s enough for now…

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